2nd Annual Dark Sky Weekend

Join the 2017 Herschel Dark Sky Weekend August 18-20

Based at the beautiful Herschel Retreat Herschel Retreat House.

Fee = $150 includes 5 meals, 2 nights accommodation, Ancient Echoes and Coal Mine Ravine tour

Friday supper followed by sunset shoot.

Saturday – sunrise shoot, Ancient Echoes, Coal Mine Ravine guided tour, night sky shoot.

Sunday – sunrise shoot, ends with breakfast.
Schedule subject to weather.

In addition the Dark Skies, we have been given permission to photograph the Drummaking  Workshop being held at Ancient Echoes Aug 19 from 10 - 4pm. 
Colin Chatfield of the Saskatchewan Aurora Hunters and his partner Tara Magee have both confirmed that they will be returning again this year.

Confirm registration by email by Friday August 4 to Brenda bwinny@sasktel.net or Stan sghingston@sasktel.net. Pay with registration when you arrive.

Rosetown Photo Contest

Jessica Segal, the Rosetown Community and Business Development Manager, has organized a photo contest to generate images to be used in the new Town website. They are looking for images that capture Rosetown’s spaces, places, events, activities and community spirit.  Below are the details.

Some essential points
 -   Deadline October 13, 2017
-   All entries may be used by the Town for the website, brochures, etc.
-   Money prizes (Chamber Bucks)
-   No fee to enter and no limit on number of entries
Download rules and entry form from the Town website www.rosetown.ca). Click the contest icon on the home page.

Rosetown Annual Art Show

2017 Art & Photography Show

Rosetown United Church, Lower Level

Guest Artist: Photographer, MaryAnn Janzen

Photography Club Slide Shows

Kid Kare Display

Gord Ballentyne Display

Entertainment Saturday afternoon: Brenda Peters

Entertainment Sunday afternoon:  Sam Turner

Raffle - MaryAnn Janzen photograph framed by the Photography Club

Open to Public
Saturday, April 29, 2017 1:00 to 5:00 PM
Sunday, April  30, 2017  1:00 to 5:00 PM

Entries Accepted
Rosetown United Church, Lower Level

Wednesday, April 26, 2017:  7:00 - 9:00 PM
Thursday, April 27, 2017:  9:00 AM - NOON

Adjudication Critique
Tara Magee
Open to Art and Photography Exhibitors
Friday, April 28, 2017
Adults and Students 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Show Book available at the Library and Rosetown Natural Health
For information:
Rosetown Arts Council,   rosetownarts@gmail.com or
Stan Hingston 882-2220, Rosetown Natural Health, sghingston@sasktel.net

Calling all Artists & Photographers

We have sooooo much talent in Rosetown and the surrounding communities.  Come show us your talent & enjoy meeting new people.  This is open to the public -- not just club members.  Rumor has it there are some Art Painting Parties happening in peoples homes in and around Rosetown -- come show everyone your work -- don't be shy!!    While you are at it, come buy some raffle tickets -- the funds are being shared between the Arts Council and the Photography Club.  This is what your ticket could possibly win.  It is framed at 16x20.  If you have any questions -- call the number on the poster above.



 PRPA Outing 

There is already lots of talk about our PRPA outing coming up this June -- don't miss it -- get yourself signed up and come join the fun. We are heading for Canmore June 9th to 11th, 2017.
PRPA Outing link

Please check out calendar events page for our new 2016 - 2017 schedule & what our hall gallery will be showing.


Our Dark Sky Weekend was a great success -- thanks to all who came out.  There was 12 of us but had room for more.  Thanks to Colin & Tara for coming out to give us a hand & teach us more about night photography. The views were great.  A huge thanks to Dave Neufeld for being our tour guide through the Ancient Echos Grounds.  This place is one of Saskatchewan's hidden gems.
Our cooks did a great job of keeping our tummy's full -- hats off to our chef's and organizers of this event. Most of stayed in the Herschel Retreat House in Herschel.  You can even find this place in the Tourism Saskatchewan site.  Throughout the year it is booked for many different functions, such as artist little getaway, hunters & more.
Here are a few photos of our weekend at the Herschel Retreat House.  We were blessed with a clear sky to see the Milky Way plus we got a we bit of northern lights.


Come Join Us For A Dark Sky Weekend Photo Event

We, the Rosetown Photography Club, would love to invite you to come join us for a weekend of photographing the night sky with Colin Chatfield. Come book this weekend & learn learn how-to photograph night skies.  See information below, which  includes meals, lodging, times for tours, events and cost.  

(please copy & paste & fill in registration below)

Dark Sky Weekend 
Hershel, Saskatchewan
Friday, August 5  (after 4:00 pm)  –  Sunday, August 7, 2016 (noon)

The Rosetown Photography Club invites you to a 

weekend away from the city lights and WiFi at 

the Hershel Retreat House and Ancient Echoes 

Interpretive Centre in Hershel.

Hershel is a very
 small community, half an hour from Rosetown, nestled in an ancient river valley with strong connections to the First People’s culture in our area.

The $150.00/person registration includes: two night’s accommodation, two suppers, two breakfasts and one lunch, a guided tour through the Ancient Echoes landscape, entrance to the Museum, two sunsets, and two sunrises.  Colin Chatfield, of the Saskatchewan Aurora Hunters, has accepted our invitation to join us as a resource person.  Regardless of the weather, the weekend will proceed.  Colin has an excellent presentation to inform and entertain us!
The Club needs you to know several things about this weekend.  The Retreat House has bedrooms on the upper level and in the basement.  Beds will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.  It may be that you will have a comfy mattress for two nights rather than a bed.
The area around Hershel is fairly rugged and the tour of the Sacred Grounds involves quite a hike.  People are discouraged from entering the area without a guide and our tour will take place in the early evening.  We will end the tour at a spot for sunset and dark night shooting. Also, there are no bathrooms out in the tour area.
Rosetown Photography Club cannot guarantee your safety out in the hills.
Handy items to bring
  • a pillow and sleeping bag, a lawn chair, a flashlight, sunscreen, bug spray,          
  • your favorite  beverage (lots of fridge space to keep it cold),
  • your spirit of adventure         
  • and your need to photograph some incredibly clear night skies and remarkable sunrises and sunsets.

Dark Sky Weekend  ~  Rosetown Photography Club
Friday, August 5 – Sunday, August 7

Friday  5:00 – 7:00 supper is available
Find a spot facing the west for the sunset at 8:54pm
Bedtime is whenever you want to stop taking photos.

Saturday find a spot facing east sunrise at 5:42 am
8:00 – 9:30 breakfast
12:00 – 1:00 lunch
5:00 – 6:00 supper
During the day, out and about for photos, tour the Museum (First People and Dinosaurs are featured), naps, hot tub
6:15 – the tour of the Sacred Grounds will need to start at the Museum in vehicles as the entrance to the grounds is further down the road.  If you do not plan on staying up late again, you will need to drive your own way back to the Retreat.

Sunday a different east-facing spot as sunrise is at 5:45 am
8:00 - ? Breakfast /left-overs for lunch(?)

Register before July 27, 2016 
Mail to: Stan Hingston, Box 1177, Rosetown, SK S0L 2V0. For more information, phone Stan at (306) 882 – 2220 (wk) or (until July 5) phone Brenda Winny (306) 882- 4181.
Name (s):
Phone: ___________________ email:________________________
Accommodation requested: teepee: ___   camper spot: ____    a real bed: (limited number) ___   a comfy mattress ____
Cheque enclosed: ___ (Will not be cashed until numbers for weekend are confirmed. Payable to Rosetown Photography Club)
Your attendance will be confirmed by phone or by email. 


All winners have been posted -- photos to follow soon in Members Award winning Photos & in Members Gallery

Here are the Winners

ADULT ART (55 entries)

10A Acrylic/Oil Landscape                     11A Acrylic/Oil Nature
1 - Joyce Frerichs                                       1 - Joyce Frerichs
2 - Jeannine Cline                                       2 - Danny Page
M - Joyce Frerichs, Jeannine Cline            M - Janine Cline, Joyce 

12A Acrylic/Oil Any Subject                 13A Watercolors
1 - Jeannine Cline                                     1 - Jeannine Cline
2 - Jeannine Cline                                     2 - Joyce Frerichs
M - Joyce Frerichs, Joyce Frerichs           M - Joyce Frerichs

13B Watercolor Novice                          14A Pastel, Color Pencil, 
                                                                      Color Pen
1 - Dianne Schmidt                                  1 - Dana Turner
2 - Dawn Coulter                                      2 - Dana Turner
M - Dianne Schmidt                                M - Sam Turner

15A Monochromatic                              16A Mixed Medium
1 - Dana Turner                                        1 - CorrinaRose Nakskov
2 - Richard Arnold                                    2 - CorrinaRose Nakskov
M - Amanda Decker                                 M - Jeannine Cline, 
                                                                        Jeannine Cline

16B Mixed Medium Novice                   20 Art Class Projects -
1 - Dawn Coulter                                     1 - Joyce Frerichs
2 - Dianne Schmidt                                  2 - CorrinaRose Nakskov
                                                                 M - Brenda Winny

Art Class Projects - Print
1 - Brenda Peters
2 - CorrinaRose Nokskov
M - Brenda Winny, Gwen McNichol
Peoples Choice Awards  -  Joyce Frerichs (2), Jeannine Cline


Youth Art ( 76 entries) 
30 Grade K - 1                               40 Grade 2 - 4
1 - Yubin Park                                 1 - Seobin Park
1 - Emily Hamilton                         2 - Marisa Winny
2 - Yubin Park                                 2 - Seobin Park
2 - Emily Hamilton                         PC - Seobin Park
2 - Taia Winny

50P Grade 5 - 8 Painting              50D Grade 5 - 8 Drawing
1 - Mercedes Maharaj                     1 - Carter Healey
2 - Hannah Winny                           2 - Ryan Leith
M - Taryn Wenzel                           M - Corey Welch, Casey

60P Grade  9-12 Painting          60D Grade 9-12 Drawing B&W 
1 - Dinithi Mudalige                        1 - Hannah Deobald
2 - Alexis Wood                               2 - Johanna Wiebe
M - Isabella de Leon,                       M - Mathew Baber,
                                                         Breann Keith, Soren Hahn,
                                                         John Mah,  Dana Turner, 
                                                                 Amanda Decker 
                                                         PC - Hannah Deobald 

60D Grade 9 - 12 Drawing Color       Grade 9 - 12 Mixed Media 
1 - Theron Deconnick Smith              1 - Chryzl Collado
2 - Dana turner                                    2 -  Kelli McGonigal
                                                            M - Payton Brown

60F Grade 9 - 12 Free Moving
1 - Megan Anderson
2 - Kelli McGonigal

People's Choice Awards  - Yubin Park, Seobin Park, Hannah Deobald

Adult Photography (71 entries)

21 People                                                  22 Landscape
1 - Carrie Oliver Brown                            1 - Rusty Morris
2 - Carrie Oliver Brown                            2 - Carrie Oliver Brown
M - Rusty Morris,  Joan Gunnlaugson      M - Jim Turner, Cheryl 
                                                                    Hare, Ryan Henderson

23 Nature                                                  24 Any Subject
1 - Mary Ann Janzen                                 1 - Brenda Winny
2 -  Jim Turner                                           2 - Cheryl Hare
M - Cheryl Hare, Rusty Morris,                M - Mary Ann Janzen,
      Stan Hingston                                           Evan Schmidt

25 Monochomatic                               26 Computer Manipulation
1 - Caroline Gartner                              1 - Mary Ann Janzen
2 - Brenda Winny                                  2 - Brenda Winny
M - Brenda Winny                                M - Mary Ann Janzen, 
                                                                   Graham Ritchie

People's Choice Awards  -- Rusty Morris, Graham Ritchie,
                     Ryan Henderson    

Calling ALL Rosetown Artists & Photographers

Art & Photography Show 

Rosetown United Church
Lower Level

Guest Artists 
Carol Ostapowich
Bea Perratt
Susan Leith 

Hobby Craft Display
Kid Kare Art Display

Live entertainment on Sunday afternoon
featuring Sam Turner

Open to Public
Saturday, April 23th,     11:00 - 5:00PM
Sunday, April 24th,    1:00 - 4:00PM

Entries Accept
Rosetown United Church   -- Lower Level
Wednesday, April 20,   7:00 - 9:00PM
Thursday, April 21,    9:00AM - NOON
Adjudication Critique
Cory Schewaga
Open to Art & Photography Exhibitors
Friday, April 22
Adults & students 6:30 - 8:30PM

A Big Thank You to Hans Holtkamp

 We want thank Hans Holtkamp for coming out to our Photography Club to share 'The Way I See It' in Dec 2015. It gave us a whole new way of looking at our photography.  He gave us lots of food for thought as to what to look for in our photos & how we see our work.  Now it's time to practice what we have learned.


Rosetown Photography Club Fund Raiser
 We are selling 2016 calendars to raise funds to buy some much needed new equipment.  Calendars can be bought at Rosetown Health Food Store on Main Street. The calendars are only $10 each. 

Hans Holtkamp -- The Way I see It 

Holtkamp Fine Art Bronze 

Hans Holtkamp Photos Page  

 Please come join our photography club on Jan 5, 2016 at 7:30pm to welcome Hans Holtkamp as our guest speaker. Our meeting is in the basement of the Rosetown Library.  Check out his links above to see his work. 


A Big Thanks To Colin Chatfield

Thank you for coming out to join our Photography Club.  It was a great pleasure to have you out with us.  Here are a few of Colin Chatfield's photos from that on Nov 6th.  It turned out to be a great night.  The clouds had mostly cleared away.  Just click on the photo below to make them larger. To see our club member photos go to Members Gallery.



Come Join Us for an Evening With Colin Chatfield

We are very pleased to announce Colin Chatfield coming to Rosetown to teach us how-to take night photos -- Colin  has been in news several times in the past year showing his outstanding photos with northern light.  So come and bring your cameras & warm clothes & join us.  Below are two of Colin's links were you can check out his work.  Both are facebook links.
Colin Chatfields FB announcement -- I will be hosting a photography workshop in conjunction with the Rosetown Camera Club on November 6th at 6:30pm. This event is open to the public (there is not cost to you). I would invite those from Saskatoon, Kindersley and similar areas to come out. The workshop will focus mainly on night sky photography. Following the 2-3 hour presentation, weather permitting, we’ll carpool out to a dark spot and try our luck with night sky photography. If the weather is not suitable, the workshop will be moved to Saturday, November 7th at 6:30pm.
The workshop will be held in the Rosetown library basement. If coming from Saskatoon, turn right on 1st Street East (first corner past Subway) and drive down to 5th Avenue. The library is on the NE corner of the intersection. Turn right and park.
The long term forecast for that weekend is partly cloudy but that will likely change as we get closer. It's still a little too soon to predict.
Thanks, and I hope to see you there. If you can't make it out for this workshop, I hope to do more in the near future in other cities and towns throughout the province. Please message me for any additional info you need.

Chatfield Photographics 

Saskatchewan Aurora Hunters 

Welcome to the all new Rosetown Photography Club site.  Come visit us often.  There will be changes and additions made to our site on a regular basis.

The Rosetown Photography Club (RPC) is a small club of amateur photographers in the small prairie town of Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada.

RPC Tour of Herschel Hills, September 28. 2008

The Rosetown Photo Club was formed in January of 1983 with a membership of 17 in its first year. Pat Coulter served as the first president, a position she held until she moved away in 1991. Stan Hingston took over as president for 1992 and is still holding this position. The club celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013.

Membership has varied between 10 and 20 members. The club meets monthly from September to May usually on the first Tuesday of the month in the basement of the Wheatland Regional Library in Rosetown. The club also plans one Sunday afternoon activity each month such as a field trip or scavenger hunt.

RPC Visit to Leipzig Serenity Retreat, May 24, 2009


From the first year, the Club was a member of the Prairie Region of Photographic Arts (PRPA) and, with the exception of a few years in the 1990s, has remained active with PRPA.

For a few years after its formation, the Rosetown Club was also a member of the National Association of Photographic Arts (NAPA) (now CAPA – Canadian Association for Photographic Art).

 The Rosetown Photography Club is a member club of the Rosetown and District Arts Council.